Sales on the Go with Intelligent POS Printers

Businesses across Asia Pacific are looking to gain an edge and loyal customers with the best experiences. Today, mobile point-of-sale (POS) printers can make a mighty contribution.

In the fast-paced retail world, the focus has shifted from a features-and-benefits approach to one meant to evoke customer delight through an immersive and frictionless shopping experience. Consumers in Asia Pacific now demand convenient, personalised retail experiences, which in turn, drive sales and customer loyalty. Online-native direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are creating new experiences to strengthen connections with consumers in the real world using pop-up shops to introduce new products, while traditional retailers are reimagining floor space to innovate how customers spend their time in stores. Similarly, the hospitality, tourism and restaurant industries are coming up with new and creative ways to sell products and services at their locations and destinations.


Important to this shift is the adoption of mobile POS hardware and software solutions to support cashless, contactless payment options and digitalisation efforts that are integrating sales, inventory and customer information. McKinsey predicts that the number of mobile payments users will double to exceed two billion by 2025[1]. D2C brands need to be prepared for this evolution and keep POS systems up to date.


Lightweight, durable and portable POS printers are a crucial element that enable retailers to offer customers greater convenience and faster transactions. Businesses can complete sales from just about anywhere with cloud service connectivity and Near Field Communication (NFC), to enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, as organisations digitise and connect business functions to gain visibility that will help them deliver exceptional customer experiences and maximise revenue, it will be increasingly important to have a POS printer that aligns with the new technology and automated processes.


Changing Retail Experiences

Although online shopping is growing in popularity, many people would rather see and feel some products in a store before making a purchase. Paying for unique and personalised experiences has also grown more valuable to consumers than acquiring items in recent years. It is also important to note that, as consumers grow more tech savvy, they expect the brands they engage with in the real world to follow suit. Today, physical store operators must consider how to optimise shopping experiences and ensure safety during customer visits to align with their desire to spend less time in stores.


Methods such as self-checkout and Click & Collect formats can offer safety and convenience for customers, supported by mobile POS printers that can connect to systems wirelessly. The additional speed, agility and efficiency in the sales process helps businesses gain a competitive edge and deliver innovative, personalised omnichannel experiences to customers.


Today’s Portable POS Printers

Retailers, food service, hospitality and tourism businesses need technology hardware solutions that can keep up with customer traffic, fit into small spaces and move around with sales staff so that businesses can process purchases faster, keep track of reservations, and manage queues.


Epson’s POS receipt printers, like the Epson TM-m30II, can be connected to tablet devices via USB, USB lightning, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and NFC. The printer can also be integrated seamlessly with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems to keep operations running smoothly. Retailers gain the capability to set up on-the-go printing to support Click & Collect shopping models. With print speeds of up to 250mm/sec, transactions can be completed faster. Businesses also have advanced features including paper saving and print forwarding functions, and support in multiple languages.


Shops with space constraints can benefit from the more compact POS printer designs that take up less space on counters, can be mounted or hung on walls, and can even be carried around easily by salespeople. Other options, like the ultra-portable Epson TM-P20, have secure, remote printing capabilities direct from web applications that makes it easy from anywhere. Epson’s mobile receipt printers offer the longest battery life of up to 26 hours with Bluetooth models. This is more convenient to customers and increases operational efficiency.


For restaurants, this can mean sending orders straight to the kitchen to increase productivity or setting up courier deliveries. The Epson TM-L90LFC receipt and label printer is liner free, which reduces waste and improves order accuracy, making it an ideal solution for quick serve restaurants with takeout services. Once the printers are connected to POS systems, businesses have greater abilities to deliver customer rewards, increase productivity, manage inventory, track the effectiveness of promotions, analyse sales, and ensure that the business is prepared to grow and adapt to changes in the future.


As in-store experiences and sales processes become more modernised, businesses are using the latest technologies to deliver one-of-a-kind customer expectations seamlessly. This will not only help businesses stand out in a competitive environment, but also connect sales operations all over the world.


[1] McKinsey, The future of payments in Asia, https://www.mckinsey.com/~/media/McKinsey/Industries/Financial%20Services/Our%20Insights/The%20next%20frontier%20in%20Asia%20payments/The-future-of-payments-in-Asia-vF.pdf

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