Embracing Sustainability with the Direct-to-Fabric Printer from the Future – The Epson Monna Lisa Series

Embracing Sustainability with the Direct-to-Fabric Printer from the Future – The Epson Monna Lisa Series

The textile market has continued to expand at an unprecedented rate with the global industry projected to reach S$11.5 million in 2023. Fueled by the growing demand for more personalised and sustainable fabrics, the need for advanced printing solutions for a short cycle from factory to wardrobe has never been more crucial.

As the world of digital textile printing continues to evolve, the Epson Monna Lisa Direct-to-Fabric (DTF) printer stands out as a true game-changer. This cutting-edge printer combines advanced technology with innovative features to empower businesses and revolutionise the way fabrics are printed.

Sustainability with Epson Monna Lisa

Fast fashion has led to a significant increase in fabric waste, with approximately 20% of clothing produced annually going unsold. The Monna Lisa ML embraces on-demand printing by printing only what is needed and when it’s needed. By drastically reducing fabric waste, Monna Lisa offers a more sustainable approach to textile production.

The textile industry is known to be one of the largest consumers of water among all industries in the world. Comparative studies have shown that DTF printers from the Monna Lisa series, when compared to traditional rotary presses, significantly reduces water consumption by 27% and carbon footprint by up to 40%. This reduction not only benefits the environment by decreasing the volume of wastewater sent to treatment plants but also reduces the amount of energy required to heat process water.

Furthermore, the Monna Lisa series uses environmentally friendly inks – Acid, Reactive, Disperse, and Pigment. The inks hold the esteemed OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certification, a globally recognised standard for eco-friendly textile printing, while the Acid ink is Bluesign® approved and our Reactive, Acid, and Pigment inks proudly carry the GOTS approval from Ecocert1.

The Monna Lisa Series

The Monna Lisa ML-24000

The Monna Lisa ML-24000 is the first 24-printhead printer designed with fashion and accessories in mind. With its 24 Epson PrecisionCore printheads and 12 vibrant specially formulated colours, the ML-24000 enables a wider colour application from light to fluorescent shades, ensuring high-quality garments of both deeper and softer colours. Epson’s Genesta inks also provides colour precision, resistance, and caters to specific requirements of diverse markets.

The Monna Lisa ML-16000HY

The Monna Lisa ML-16000HY is a 16-head DTF digital industrial textile printer that is designed to meet the demand for small lots, short delivery times, and even mass production while maintaining high image quality. The ML-16000HY offers you stunning effects such as digital metallic silver or gold, glossy lacquer finishes, and vibrant white prints on various fabric types. Suitable for fashion wear, swimwear, sportswear, shoes, and leather applications, this printer provides versatility and exceptional print quality.

The Future of the Monna Lisa Series

The innovation and forward-thinking approach of Epson continue with the introduction of a smaller version of the Monna Lisa. With a compact size, it will bring the power of digital textile printing to any setting, even office environments. Future versions of the Monna Lisa will be easy-to-use and a one-stop solution for all printing needs, from pre-treatment to post-treatment. It will also offer a wider coverage of fabric types, including natural, chemical-based, and blended fabrics. This versatility allows businesses or users to explore new possibilities and expand their creative horizons.

A smaller Monna Lisa will be perfect installation in offices, design studios or schools. Whether you are a student or a designer in the digital textile printing industry, this printer can provide a solution tailored to your needs as it will allow for quick and efficient sample creation, enabling you to bring your ideas to life without the limitations of traditional printing methods. With its pigment in-line workflow, the Monna Lisa ML-13000 and smaller Monna Lisa also enables users to expand their business field by covering a wide range of fabric types, reducing delivery time, and making a more efficient use of resources.

Achieve More with the Monna Lisa Series

Epson understands the importance of efficiency and workflow optimisation in the textile industry. That’s why the Monna Lisa is equipped with Epson Cloud Solution PORT, a cloud service platform to utilise Epson’s Monna Lisa DTF printers. This cloud-based platform supports multiple devices including mobile terminals such as customers’ smartphones and tablets and provides a live view of your printer fleet’s production, equipment utilisation, and service information remotely. With this tool, you can better manage efficiency and streamline your printing workflow.

Another useful tool is the SD-10 colour spectrophotometer. This small device eliminates the hassle of analog colour-matching, saving precious time in the printing workflow. With spot colour-matching acceleration and a user-friendly colour management system, businesses can achieve accurate and consistent colour reproduction, resulting in stunning printed fabrics that meet their clients’ exact specifications.

The Epson Monna Lisa series represents the future of DTF printing. With its wide coverage of fabric types, sustainable features, and tools like the Epson Cloud Solution PORT and SD-10 colour spectrophotometer, this printer empowers businesses to unlock their full potential and stay ahead in the dynamic textile industry. Whether you are a large-scale textile manufacturer or a small creative studio, the Monna Lisa Series can be the ultimate solution to elevate your printing capabilities and achieve remarkable results.




1 Genesta RE-N Reactive inks: except one of Grey (Grey RE-N), Genesta AC Acid inks: except Black AC-N / Grey AC-N

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