Facilitating Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Printing with Epson’s Heat-Free Printers


Being a leader in innovative solutions for businesses, Epson has always been the choice for brands that want to innovate and advance in their sustainable journey. Businesses that have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprints are especially interested in adopting sustainable and eco-friendly Epson solutions into their offices. Amongst them is Bok Seng Logistics, who had an overhaul in their printer fleet, adopting Epson’s Heat-Free business inkjet printers in their effort to be more environmental-friendly in the office.


“One of Bok Seng Logistics’s corporate key visions is to adopt the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practice. We were pitched sustainable solutions and were introduced to Epson’s innovative Heat-Free WorkForce Inkjet printers. The printers not only supported Bok Seng Logistics’s adoption of a green and sustainability workflow but also boosts our efficiency,” Dave Ng, CEO of Bok Seng Logistics shares.


Providing a comprehensive range of services, Bok Seng Logistics meets their clients’ needs with their all-rounded solutions. As part of their corporate strategy, the company has also embarked on sustainability initiatives such as installing solar panels on their buildings. Being extremely successful in its green initiatives, Bok Seng Logistics has even begun to sell power back to its provider.


While exploring Phase Two of their green initiatives, which focuses on internal work processes, Bok Seng Logistics came across Epson’s Heat-Free printers through Bizmann System.


“Given the opportunity to introduce digitalisation and workflow automation to Bok Seng Logistics, Bizmann System proposed digitalising of various workflow processes while incorporating Epson’s Heat-Free Workforce Inkjet printers not only as IoT devices but also a sustainable solution,” Ken Loke, CEO of Bizmann System says.


The first step towards greener internal work processes included Bok Seng Logistics’s move to convert dot matrix printing to digital prints and digitising existing hard copy documents. To fully transform office work processes and digitalisation, one of the biggest initiatives is to renew the company’s fleet of machines.


“After our initial assessment, we immediately found an 85% reduction in electricity consumption simply based on using Epson’s machines,” Ken shares.


By adopting Epson’s inkjet Heat-Free printers and replacing their convention laser copiers, Bok Seng Logistics takes a huge step towards their eco-friendly targets. After converting to Epson’s fleet of machines, Bok Seng Logistics manage to reduce paper usage to around 100 reams a month, saving up to 50,000 pieces of paper every month.


“Our move towards digitalisation not only creates costs savings but also reduces paper use. The adoption of Epson’s printers allowed us to cut down more than 85% of electricity consumption as compared to our previous fleet of machines. This is unbelievable but true.” Dave marvels.


To replace their fleet of printers, Bok Seng Logistics took up three units of Epson WF-C579R, three units of Epson WF-C879R and seven units of Epson WF-C20600. Not only are these Epson’s printers Heat-Free, allowing them to be more sustainable, these printers allow businesses to enjoy low-cost, durable, and reliable printing in high volume.

The Epson WF-C579R, WF-C879R, and WF-C20600 printers are built to support consistent high-speed printing while consuming less energy compared to traditional printers. Designed specifically to suit business needs, these Heat-Free printers also support the printing of NCR papers.


The company’s adoption of Epson’s machines also eased their issue of paper jams while printing. The reliable fleet of Epson’s printers allows Bok Seng Logistics to see an improvement in their efficiency and manpower allocation. With lesser downtime, employees can focus better on other parts of their service to their clients, boosting overall customer satisfaction.


“The low-cost, durable and reliable printing had allowed Bok Seng to streamline our work processes, increasing productivity and efficiency in our every day’s work,” Dave shares.


Along with a wide range of printing and connectivity features, Epson printers became the company’s ideal solution. The low-maintenance nature of Epson’s Heat-Free printers translate to better allocation of manpower, helping to boost efficiency for Bok Seng Logistics. Hassle-free to use, Epson’s printers are also able to support Bok Seng Logistics’s high-volume printing effortlessly.


“Bok Seng Logistics hopes to be a part of the change for better, moving towards sustainability in our workflow and adopting green practices and machines into our fleet.”


The company is currently exploring a BPM Dashboard with Bizmann to enable the acquisition of IoT and business process data. This can help Bok Seng Logistics to enable a holistic and real-time review of information and to support the company’s sustainability goals.


“Together, we can create a new wave of sustainability for a better future for all,” Dave concludes.


With Epson, your business can also balance eco-friendliness with efficiency and productivity. Come and discover more about Epson’s environmentally friendly solutions. Check out our Be Cool: Business Inkjet Printer campaign today!

You may contact us below for more information or to request for product demonstration about Epson business inkjet printers.

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