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Enhance the Customer Experience in Brick-and-Mortar Stores with Epson LightScene Projectors

Following the volatile economic environment of 2020, we saw many retail stores close their shutters for good. With pandemic restrictions kicking in and consumer habits changing, we’ve seen shoppers leaning towards online shopping, causing big names in Southeast Asia such as Topshop, Esprit and Robinsons in Singapore, to close their physical stores for good. This begs the question – are brick-and-mortar stores still relevant in the age of digital transformation?

Work and Play with Epson CO-FH02 and EH-TW6250 Smart Projectors 

Since the pandemic, more companies and business owners are opting to give up their permanent office spaces in favour of more affordable alternatives, such as co-working spaces. To ensure that the quality of sales pitches remain unaffected even when offices have been downsized or moved to a co-working space, investing in a versatile portable projector would be an effective and affordable solution for business owners, educators, and freelancers.

Epson Southeast Asia Unveils Latest Projection Technologies at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022

Back in November 2022, Epson Southeast Asia unveiled its latest projection technologies at InfoComm Southeast Asia 2022, after the event was put on a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Seeing the Big Picture at Work

Video conferencing has always been a crucial element of an organisation’s communication strategy. However, the recent pandemic has placed greater emphasis on the importance of having the right tools to facilitate a seamless video conferencing experience.

Eco-Considerate Visual Solutions to Suit All Needs

Today, we’re fortunate enough to have access to technology that has reimagined how we perceive the world and consume visual information. From mobile devices capable of playing high-quality videos to large advertising billboards that can showcase visual creative work at astounding picture quality.

Inspiring a New Generation of Learners

The concept of learning in a classroom has changed tremendously in the last two years. These days, students are no longer confined to the four walls of a traditional classroom in school.

The Magic of the Big Screen – Right in Your Living Room

With cinema operations negatively impacted due to COVID-19, demand for digital streaming platforms have grown exponentially, and they have become the go-to for the latest movie releases.

Creativity Unleashed on Stage with Projector Innovation

Creativity is limitless and without boundaries, and we see creativity put to life every day. However, transforming creativity into something tangible, while common, is often a challenge restricted by manpower, costs, and equipment needed to bring the idea to life.

Bridging the Gap; Projectors that Enable Children to Learn Better

Parenting a kid can be one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. As you journey through the different childhood phases with your child, you inevitably embark on a personal growth journey as well. For most kids, childhood is a period in which they are generally happy, energetic and exceptionally curious.

Meeting the Needs of Tomorrow’s Consumers Today

The evolving pandemic continues to impact the way we work, live, and play. Businesses have embraced remote and hybrid arrangements as their new normal, while others – particularly in the F&B or entertainment industry – have also begun welcoming more guests and visitors back to their establishments due to relaxed COVID-19 restrictions across Southeast Asia.

Reinventing Connectivity for a Vibrant Learning Experience

Our reliance on technology has grown drastically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Southeast Asia, many have rapidly adopted innovative solutions to enable a remote workforce, support home-based learning and connect with loved ones – wherever they are.

Driving Collaboration in Blended Classrooms and Workspaces

The world is adapting to a new way of doing business and learning at lightning speed. These changes build on the flexible working and e-learning trends that were developing globally over the last few years and embrace technology solutions to facilitate interaction and seamless connectivity in any environment.

Projecting the Future of Home Entertainment

These are exciting times for the world of home entertainment. Dramatic changes in how consumers find, and view TV shows, movies and other content online are causing the media and entertainment industry to offer a greater selection of high-quality content that is available conveniently on-demand, and on any device.

SUTD Relies on Epson Projectors for Effective Learning and Collaboration

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is the fourth autonomous university in Singapore. It is also the only university presently situated on the eastern side of Singapore. SUTD is a top emerging engineering school globally with the ambition to be a leading research-intensive global university focused on technology and all elements of technology-based design.

Projectors or LED Video Walls: What You Need to Know

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5 Steps to Creating a perfect Cinema atmosphere in your own home

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Large and Vivid Images Engage Students at the Singapore Management University

The Singapore Management University (SMU), established in 2000, is internationally recognised for its world-class research and...

The New Generation of Smart Laser Projection TV for a New Era

The home is often seen as an extension of one’s identity. Today, it also represents a safe place to connect with others at a time when...

Technology and the Pandemic: How can we use it to enable safer learning and collaboration in the new normal?

Across Southeast Asia, businesses and schools are adjusting to their post-pandemic environment at different stages. In some countries, work...

Designing Your Indoor Display Experience for Excellent Results

Through the years, different psychological and behavioral studies have found that people respond better to visual content than to plain text. Whether in a business setting or environment for learning...

Embracing a Brighter Future with Epson Laser Projectors

Out with the old, in with the new. From traditional movie houses to modern projectors, lamps have been the oldest and most trusted light source in the projection world – but laser light sources are...

Embracing a New Normal – ‘Phygital’ Experience

Not long ago, people interacted with brands in either a physical space or online only. But increasingly, we are seeing physical and digital experiences becoming inseparable with the help of...

Every Surface Your Digital Canvas

Ever visited an art show or museum and been wowed by the stunning interactive displays splashed across the floor, ceiling or even the entire building façade? It may look and feel like magic, but the secret lies in...

Epson Projectors Deliver Front Row Action From Rugby World Cup

When South Africa stunned England in the Rugby World Cup Final in November 2019, over 100 rugby fans at Singapore’s The Queen & Mangosteen restaurant got front row seats to the...

Get In Touch With Curious Minds

Put a chalk in a child’s hand and their imagination will take them on adventures, turn them into inventors and fuel their dreams for a brighter future...

Make Your Next Brilliant Impression

Ever visited an art show or fashion show and been wowed by the stunning displays that created the ambience? High brightness projection is used a lot to make powerful, lasting impressions these days. At Epson...

The Coming Revolution In Learning

At My Gym, located at Buona Vista in Singapore, productive teaching methods are redefining collaboration between teachers and children...

Home Cinema – Projecting the Truth

Think ‘projector’, and you’ll probably envisage it in an airport lounge, retail store – or other public spaces in which sophisticated projected displays have become commonplace...

Seeing Visual Display In A New Light

At a time when consumers have more options and alternatives than ever, brands have to work much harder to attract and retain their customers’ attention. So how else could you...

Epson projectors make meetings more collaborative for Alila Solo Hotel

Hotels are increasingly choosing projection technology that can help make meetings and video conferences more productive. With collaborative features that enable...

Go Easy On Your Eyes – With Epson 3LCD Technology

In an independent study conducted by Radius Research in the U.S, the high colour brightness advantages of 3LCD projectors were...

Introducing An Inspirational Place for Children to Learn: A Playground

Has this happened to you? You look forward to an important presentation – only to find yourself struggling through a series of poor...

Introducing The Very Latest In Presentation Clickers – A Hand.

When you present using a projector, it’s a prerequisite to have some form of controller to navigate your way through your slides...

Choosing the Most Engaging Technology for the Learning Environment

Over recent years, technology has revolutionised the education of young people in progressive countries such as Singapore. A far cry from the days of blackboards and...

Shining Young Learner’s Future Through Epson’s Interactive Solution.

At My Gym, located at Buona Vista in Singapore, productive teaching methods are redefining collaboration between teachers and children – enhancing the...


Projectors have traditionally been seen as professional equipment for theatres or offices; however, with the demand for better cinematic experiences at...

Projectors or Flat Panels?

The benefits of Epson Laser Projectors over traditional flat panels are now indisputable. Large, easier-to-read displays, wireless projection...

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