Epson’s class-leading signage printers level up quality, efficiency, and productivity to meet demand in our new environment

Living with the continued threat of COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Everywhere, there are reminders to stay vigilant and follow protocols set to protect against infection. Commercial establishments, workplaces, schools, and other public areas are peppered with signs directing us to safe spaces, and instructing viewers to “Wait Here”, “Wear a Mask”, “Practice Social Distancing”, “Wash Your Hands”.

As society tries to get back on track, signs have become essential contactless channels for important reminders and have become part of every workplace, malls, schools, restaurants and spaces frequented by citizens.

Suddenly, the demand for signage has widened to include pandemic-related healthcare communication, on top of the pre-COVID boom in demand for indoor and outdoor signage in numerous market verticals such as retail, transportation, office and enterprise, education, and foodservice.

As businesses move into recovery, it is safe to say that the demand for indoor and outdoor signage will start a steady ascent.  This is good news for businesses involved in or contemplating investment in the production of signage.  Even better, the latest technology in large format printing have been developed not only with the highest quality output in mind, but efficiency and productivity that positively impact business profitability. The gamechanger is more precise printheads and advanced 10-colour inkjet technology.

The leading brand in signage printers across ASEAN for the last few years, Epson has consistently built on the capability of its large format printers to respond to what customers are asking for.

The Company’s Epson SureColor S-series printers, using high-performance eco-solvents, industry-leading PrecisionCore™ printhead technology and UltraChrome GS3 inks, have been winning customer trust year on year for the consistent vibrant quality of large format output from billboards to vehicle wraps.

As Epson puts it, the difference is “in the details”.  Epson’s PrecisionCore™ printhead technology outputs superior image quality compared to other large format printers, for crisper, more accurate and more durable prints on any medium or surface. This technology eliminates quality loss or any form of graininess for both low- and high-resolution images and can effectively mirror the image composition and other elements on the image source.

Using UltraChrome™ Inks in Epson large format printers lends itself to more vibrant and longer lasting colour, whether used indoors or outdoors.  The wide array of colour mixes from the 10-colour inkjet gives greater flexibility and accuracy. Colour grades which tend to come together in other printing processes such as red and orange or white and metallic silver are clearly set apart. Printing with this technology results in exceptionally finer blending and more subtle photographic transitions; and more defined and differentiated shadows and highlights in images; more colour-balanced prints that hold up no matter what the light source.

These technology features allow printing businesses to handle high volume demand and quicker turnaround time without having to worry about downtime or cost of maintenance. With a longer printer lifespan to look forward to, return on investment can be maximised.

As signage businesses plan for a new year, all signs (literally) point to an uptick in the demand for signage, both from pandemic-related communication and regular sales and marketing activity.  Finding the right large format printer that can bring better returns to the business in the long run is key to taking advantage of coming opportunities.

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