Epson EcoTank: The Eco-Friendly Printing Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

According to the 2019 Brand Track SEA Survey Report by Intuit, almost 70% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) indicated they would prefer an office printer that is environmentally-friendly. The increased awareness of eco-friendly digital solutions such as hardware footprint and technology impact on the environment are growing among office consumers. Environmentally conscious SMEs should consider the advantages of Epson’s eco-friendly EcoTank printer solutions.


Epson Heat-Free Technology in EcoTank printers

Epson EcoTank printers consume far less energy than the typical office laser printers of the same class. A typical laser printer can consume almost 27 times more electricity than an Epson EcoTank printer. Laser printers also use large toner and imaging cartridges that create much more physical waste than EcoTank ink bottles.

Less Energy

Epson’s Heat-Free piezo-electric print head technology used in its inkjet printers use far less energy than a traditional laser printer in the same class. Unlike a laser printer, Epson’s Heat-Free Technology directly deposits ink onto the paper to create black and white or full color images. Because no heat is generated, this reduces the demand for electricity substantially.

In contrast, laser printers employ a multiple step process including pre-heating the fuser, then charging a rotating electrostatic drum, exposing the drum with a laser beam, developing the drum with toner, transferring the toner to the paper and finally using the heated fuser to affix the solid toner particles to the page. All those steps require energy, particularly the heating and fixing steps. See figure below.


Epson EcoTank Heat-Free Technology vs Laser

Electricity savings by using Epson EcoTank Heat-Free Technology can be a significant cost savings to SMEs while also helping SMEs to achieve environmental goals by reducing the amount of electricity that must be generated and consumed.  


Energy Consumption: Epson EcoTank versus Typical Laser Printers

* Based on average power consumption, when in operation, of top 3 single function laser printers that can me found in the market. For a full description of Epson Heat-Free Technology see: https://www.epson.com.sg/heat-free

Less Waste

Another environmental advantage for SMEs by using Epson EcoTank Heat-Free piezo-electric technology is that EcoTank printers will create far less waste than a typical laser printer. EcoTank printers use ink bottles with designated nozzles to fill the printer with ink.

Conversely, laser printing is a complex process as was pictured above. Supplies and parts required in the process are expected to wear out with use. To keep the printer running, many of those parts are housed in a toner or imaging cartridge that the user replaces. Those cartridges and accompanying packaging are large and the user would typically have to replace the toner cartridges multiple times to provide the same number of pages that an EcoTank printer can print on a single refill. Laser printers typically create a very significant amount of material waste that will need to be manufactured and disposed of.

As an added benefit, EcoTank printers require less intervention by the user versus a laser printer. For just one refill of EcoTank ink bottles, to print the same number of pages on a laser printer the user would typically need to reorder and replace the toner cartridges five times.


Lower Waste from an EcoTank Printer versus a Typical Laser Printer

* Equivalent cartridge sets estimate based on print yields include Black and Colour ink bottles as compared to similarly featured laser printers as of October 2018. Note: Images not to scale. Toner cartridges are significantly larger than ink bottles

Clearly the Epson EcoTank printers are a better choice for the environment while also saving the SMEs electricity cost as well as time and hassle.

Read the brochure for Epson EcoTank printers at: https://www.epson.com.sg/ecotank


Epson’s EcoTank Monochrome Printers Offer Low Total Cost of Ownership

For SMEs that depend on monochrome printing, Epson’s lineup of monochrome EcoTank printers offer all the advantages described above from using Heat-Free Technology, including low energy usage, less waste and low customer intervention. They also provide among the lowest total cost of ownership for printers in their class, high reliability, low customer hassle and a small footprint for those with limited space. See the current offering at https://www.epson.com.sg/mono-ecotank

At the same time they offer printing speeds and total page volume capabilities that easily match laser printers in the same class.


Epson’s EcoTank Monochrome Printers With Low Total Cost of Ownership



Epson EcoTank printers employing Heat-Free Technology perform up to the standards of a typical laser printer in terms of usage requirements, reliability and features while offering businesses a clear eco-friendly alternative, using less energy and creating less waste in the environment.

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