Epson Climate Reality Barometer 2023: Singaporeans want businesses to do more in tackling climate change

Climate change

By Derek Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Epson Singapore

Epson’s Climate Reality Barometer 2023 survey reveals a clear and urgent message from Singaporeans: it’s time for companies to step up their sustainability efforts as optimism in the fight against climate change wanes. The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat – it’s a present reality, and we must act now.

Optimism drops but Singaporeans remain hopeful

According to the online survey of 504 respondents aged over 16, less than half of them (41.3%) were optimistic of averting a climate disaster, a number that’s declined 3.5% from a year ago, and is well below the current global average of 47%.

In addition to climate concerns, Singaporeans are grappling with economic anxieties, with 64.8% identifying inflation as a primary concern. These challenges are interconnected and demand a holistic approach.

Despite decreased optimism, Singaporeans remain hopeful and continue to call for greater climate action, with 30.4% feeling “hopeful” and 24.1% feeling “positive” about climate change in the coming year.

Embracing Sustainable Habits

This feeling is reflected in the choices many people are making, with 68.6% reducing their plastic use, 67.6% opting for walking or cycling over motor transport, and 66.7% embracing reusable products. What’s more, the survey shows that 3 in 5 survey respondents plan to make the switch to renewable energy (61.2%), and nearly half are considering electric vehicles – a clear alignment with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.

However, the responsibility to avert a climate disaster doesn’t rest solely on individuals, with 47.4% of Singaporeans looking to their workplaces to improve sustainability strategies. This includes enhancing recycling and reuse products (42.2%), investing in environmental technologies (38.5%), and reducing reliance on natural resources in production and transport (27%).

Epson’s Commitment to Sustainability

As a technology leader, Epson is committed to co-creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Our “sho-sho-sei” philosophy, signifying “efficient, compact, and precise,” not only drives innovation for performance without compromise but also plays a pivotal role in enriching lives and creating a better world. And the proof is in the pudding. Since the launch of Epson’s heat-free EcoTank inkjet printers 13 years ago, we’ve avoided over half a million tons of CO2 emissions1.

Epson’s goal is to become carbon negative and underground resource-free by 2050, with a significant shift to renewable electricity at all major sites and factories. In alignment with this commitment, we have made strides towards successfully transitioning to 100% renewable electricity in the sites in Philippines and Indonesia. Recognising that the journey to achieving our goals requires immediate action, we must act now and lead the charge towards a greener and more sustainable future.

1 The size of the avoidance in consumables CO2 emissions was calculated by comparing the cumulative number of ink bottles sold up to February 2023 with the number of ink cartridges required to print the same amount and converting their weight into a CO2 equivalent. CO2 emissions were calculated based on Epson’s evaluation conditions, which take into account the impacts from consumables materials and parts manufacturing. Actual CO2 emissions will vary depending on customer printer use.

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